Once graduated in studies of performing arts with a thesis in advertising
and mass communication, I left Italy in 2005 to join Miami Ad School in Florida.
In the US I started a career in the ad world.

After almost 10 years as a creative, and playing with softwares in multinational advertising agencies, I brought my expertise in UX research and design,
where I could finally use a fancy label for what I always liked to do best:
solving problems and becoming an advocate for frustrated users.
I can say that I have been exposed to various challenges in international environments. I worked in multinational companies in NYC, Dubai, Kuwait, Singapore and Saigon.

As User Experience Specialist, I have been working on solutions to solve Interaction problems with technology. I also developed a variety of skills to help companies to foster innovation thru engagements such as design sprints and other design thinking methodologies. I have been liaising with developers, ux designers and various stakeholders alike, while always keeping innovation feasible under the business mandates. I believe it all starts from understanding the user and his underlying problem. Thats the foundation of good design, which has to be “invisible”.

In this context I also acquired a series of soft skills that I leveraged on in dealing with clients, internal stakeholders and multi-faceted skills sets audiences with different motivations/ agendas, to face client-specific business challenges and create new product innovations. Facilitating these engagements taught me the importance of “reading the room” and establishing a true empathy with the clients representatives.

I love projects and things that are well thought out, simple and easy to use, especially if they are visually appealing.
When I don’t think about work I love cooking, snorkeling, watching movies, nostalgically listening to music from the ’80s and pontificating with a drink in my hand about this or that matter. (Don’t make that face, I don’t get drunk with just a drink). I'm always looking for new career challenges in which I can grow professionally and bring some added value on my own.

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